Live Well with Less Effort

Move Out of Pain,

Boost Your Productivity,

Amplify Your Energy,

En-Joy Life with WISE Choices and Thrive Lifelong!

Energy for Life the WISE Way!

Simple Health Happiness

Healthy doesn't have to be complicated! 🤩

With the simple health formula and step-by-step methods of the WISE Way it seems easy and almost effortless to have more energy for life!

Foundations for health from which you can springboard into longevity success and thrive throughout the years!

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Get Going! Keep Going! En-Joy!

Soothe Stress, Prevent Pain

Top tips you can access anywhere anytime to feel more fine than when your tension and stress are taking you over that line!

This collection of video trainings and mini-courses give you step by step action plans to ease and relieve your irritations while boosting your overall well-being for ongoing healthy happiness.

These tools last a lifetime and travel with you everywhere you go!

Get Going! ~ Keep Going! ~ Enjoy!

Live Well with WISE Choices

Life is all about choices.

The choices we make decide our life, who we are, how we feel, and extend far beyond our visible environment impacting world well-being.

Avoid expensive pills and procedures without restrictive dieting or hours at the gym, attain ease in movement, meal and mind with WISE Choices!

Taming Your Tension Today

Short sessions of terrific tension taming tips and healthy habit helpers broadcast in a solocast podcast daily!
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Words of Wisdom about Wendy Wiseman

Support for Becoming a Happier Healthier Human.

"I was totally blown-away by the depth of knowledge and comprehensive material found in her book, Wise Choices. Really impressive! You couldn't find a more well-rounded, skilled. and capable guide for your journey"

Lonnee Rey

Editor, Creative Writer, Book Producer

"Wendy is amazing at getting right to the source of an issue - our habits which we do not realize - and suggesting subtle but lasting changes that make the difference in health, happiness, and energy!"

Lydia Lowery Busler

Coach, Connector, Composer

"Wendy Wiseman is a dedicated wellness professional who brings a unique approach through her WISE program to support her clients. Her focus on providing simple solutions to complex problems is truly commendable, and her passion for helping others heal physically is evident."

Romita Bulchandani

Transformational Coach

"The "Taming Your Tension" system is a tool kit that that helps us think, feel, connect and function; it is a process that helps us to build mental resilience, grow and thrive.
I highly recommend subscribing to the “Taming Your Tension” system which is aimed at promoting better health practices because as you know Health is Wealth."

Neela K Singh

Leadership Advisor


Who is the community for?

Anyone seeking less pain, more energy, and physical ease with fun-loving freedom. Key audience are the feel-old GenXhausted folks wanting that GenXcellent feel-good fun boost.

🚫This is not the place for victims or complainers!

Why become a member?

Community support and accountability help you stay on track and get the results you desire.

The courses and training with WISE Choices and the WISE Way 3-phase formula that guides Taming Your Tension provide the steps to success that make that "eat right, exercise more" healthy lifestyle seems easy and almost effortless.

These are tools for life creating healthy happiness so that instead of just being alive, you truly thrive!

Will this help boost health?

These simple habits help you avoid endless doctor visits, expensive prescriptions, and painful procedures by setting foundations for healthy living.

You want an active life enjoying activities you love without incurring further unnecessary wear and tear on your body.

Better being in your body leads to your body being better lifelong!

How will joining relieve pain?

Joining won't relieve pain.

Doing the activities and taking simple steps to move out of pain is what carrys you through.

The simple actions and small shifts in the way you live and what you are doing will change how you are feeling in your body.

By joining you also have access to Q&A with Wendy as well as other coaches & experts that would cost hundreds or thousands of dolars to work with outside the community.

What are the prices?

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You're Invited!

Come find out how you can enjoy thriving with healthy challenges, courses, coaching and community support.

Forget the feel-old frustrations!

Boost your energy for life today and every day, the WISE way!

Move better, feel better, live better with less effort.

En-Joy the WISE Life as a Happier Healthier Human!

Creating a Better World Together as Happier Healthier Humans! 💗🌐💗


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